About Us

Fly Rhopa is short for Fly Rhopalocera a.k.a Fly Butterfly.  Butterflies are very meaningful to me as they represent changes and how beautiful those changes can be no matter how scary.  We all have the potential to become butterflies no matter where we come from & that is a message I want to spread.  With those scary changes in mind, I wanted to create a happy place for all the butterflies to gather & Stay Fly together.


My inspiration comes from the women I grew up admiring.  I grew up looking up to women who stayed looking fly on a budget.  Where looking like money meant more about how you carried yourself than the worth of your outfit.  Women who rocked long blinged out nails, big gold hoops, & a stare that could intimidate any man.  Strong Women.  With those women in mind Fly Rhopa was born.


I want to bring to y'all a place where shopping is effortless & affordable, where you can find something that speaks to you in all aspects of your life.  A one-stop shop for all the things you need to Stay Fly.  My main goal is to make y'all feel like a beautiful butterfly no matter what troubles you are going through.  I hope you feel at home in this space as I do, and may we all grow into the beautiful butterflies we are destined to be.  Fly high so the haters can't touch you my Rhopas & above all Stay Fly.