Ready2Wear Glam Claws (24pc set)

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They are here!!! Y’all wanted the 💅 Glam Claws💅 But didn’t want to wait for the sizing kit & then purchase ur set… so we created these 24 pc sets so you can get your nails without the wait time!!! The sets available will be able to ship next day! So don’t stress about ur nails for the function, we got you covered!

 Each set includes:

-application instructions 

-instructions for removal

-adhesive tabs

-nail glue

-nail file

-cuticle pusher

If you wish to get these designs made in a different nail style you will need to get a sizing kit. The sizes of these nails do not translate well with different shapes. 

*These nails are priced higher than our made to order nails due to it being double the work & materials.

**Each Set is priced different.