Mink Wings Glue liner

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Finally the best tool for flawless application! Holy grail to any beginner to the lash game! Our Mink Wings Glue Liner is the homegirl that has your back and will never let you look like a fool out in public! Carry this cute glue liner pen in your purse to apply lashes quickly and effortlessly(even on the go), not to mention it comes in handy if your lash is ever coming off in public.

*This glue liner goes on & dries black.

-Apply as you would regular eyeliner and apply lashes while glue is still wet for best results.

**Homegirl tip, if you have hooded eyes avoid using this liner to do a wing liner. The hood of your eye might constantly want to stick to it throughout the day. apply just enough to lash line for the lash to stick.**

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