Pop Off Nail Solution (NIQSRS)

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No more damaging your natural nails during removal!
No more ruining your sets during the removal process! No more soaking your nails over & over again!

This press on nail removing solution from Nailz Infinity is a Press On Queens dream! It’s special blend is the easiest way to remove your nails!

⚠️ IF IRRITATION OCCURS, Discontinue use⚠️



•Apply some of the solution in between your natural nail & the press on nail vía a small crack, gap, or space.
•Rub any excess solution around the whole nail & watch it work.
•Using your fingers or a small orange wood stick you can begin to wiggle the nail free. 

(This works best on nails ready to get switched out. If your nails are still holding strong, soak your nails prior to using the solution.)

Product Info

Product Name:

NIQSRS Nailz Infinity Quick Set Remover Solution

Product Ingredients:

Water, ni special blend, cocos nucifera, prunes dulces oil, mild fragrance, pink color additive. 

⚠️ IF IRRITATION OCCURS, Discontinue use⚠️