FR BFF Challenge| Part 1 Recap

Posted by Michelle Luckett on

We start off by congratulating the Fly Babes who have accepted the challenge & have been putting in the work. We did a quick summary of what part 1 consisted of which was journaling, mind mapping, & venting. We also shared a quick example of how to break down our answers to reach the root problem of it all. Lastly, we went over the next part of the FR BFF Challenge & how we will be making time for ourselves.

For part 2 of our FR BFF Challenge, we were pouring into our cup. That meant making time to put in the work. But we had to MAKE TIME for us. Suggestions we mentioned for this exercise were mirror work, positive affirmations, reminder app, singing love songs to ourselves and many more. We went into depth of what pouring into ourselves for more self-love looked like, we spoke about what pouring into ourselves to rid of imposter syndrome looked like, and we also shared how pouring into ourselves to support our goals looked like. Overall, we are making plans to do the work of building ourselves up and being supportive of our goals through showing up to do the work.

Being our own worst critic is easy, society and the people around us have made sure of that. But becoming our OWN best friend is revolutionary. This is a difficult journey as we face resistance within ourselves but ultimately it is a gift that keeps on giving. Becoming our own best friend not only changes our life but the ones around us. To learn more about the FR BFF Challenge, you can watch our previous FR Real Talks on our Instagram page. Until next time, Stay Fly.

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