FR BFF Challenge| Part 2 Recap

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On this FR Real Talk, we did a quick recap of what we did for the past 2 weeks while practicing “making time for ourselves”. Then we went into our next exercise which was “Adding to our life”. Overall, this FR Real Talk was very much a heart to heart, homegirl to homegirl type of chat. We let you know that you are not alone in this journey and that we will be right here cheering you on & offering help any way we can.

Let’s start with a quick recap of part 2 of our FR BFF Challenge. For 2 weeks during that exercise, we made time to do the work. We were making plans of action to address any baggage or feelings we wished to let go or resolve. Our plan of action becoming an instruction manual so we could feel more inclined to follow through with the work and eliminate some of the anxiety that comes with confronting tough situations. We also got more in depth about the many ways we can use music to do the work. For example, setting the tone for our day by starting our day with positive and beautiful music. Also, creating different playlists in order to create an ideal environment for us if that’s for cleaning, working out, working on our dreams and so on.  Basically, we were getting the work done by any means necessary and we started out by MAKING THE TIME to do it!

After going over the work we had just accomplished and giving our consistent Fly Babes a big shoutout, we went into discussing our next exercise for part 3 of our FR BFF Challenge which was “Adding to our Life”. In part three we were going to make the change we want to see in our lives! Becoming the woman, we want to be, starting NOW. We discussed how we would be making changes to our routines to show up as future us. How we would upgrade our haircare to have healthier hair. And literally listed off a whole bunch of examples of how we could add to our life even by removing things from our life like cleaning up our social media to reflect ONLY things that make us happy or inspire us.

If you have been tuning in to our FR BFF Challenge & maybe still wasn’t feeling inspired to take that step for yourself, this would be a good FR Real Talk to watch to get you motivated to do so. You are worth the dream life you’ve always wanted or maybe have been too scared to pursue even. But you are allowed to be BIG, to be ambitious, to be FLY AF!!! Don’t wait another day, start becoming the woman you want to be TODAY. Tune into our FR Real Talks for more REAL-LIFE TOPICS in our safe space aka the Kaleidoscope of Fly Babes.

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