Fly News Update 2.14.24

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First off, Happy Valentine’s Day Fly Babes!


Let’s start the announcements with NAILS. You’ve been asking for shorter nail options for our Fly Nails and now you got them! Our new “shorties” are now available on the site. These new sizes include: Shorty Coffin & Shorty Oval. These new sizes are perfect for the Fly Babes who use their hands a lot for work & for the girls who just like to keep it short & cute. Speaking of short & cute… New nail designs on the website, now! Have you seen them yet?

Next up, TikTok. We’ve been dormant for a while on TikTok but we are returning to the app with a lot of great new things! First off, we are returning with our “Fly Babe Reminders” which are short videos meant to inspire you, offer support, & remind you of the Fly Babe you are! Our FR BFF Challenge will also be coming to tiktok! That means if you didn’t get a chance to participate in the challenge last year, here’s your chance (coming this spring). If you are determined to step into the woman you’ve been working on, then this is your chance to go ALL IN! See you there!

Lastly, our Youtube account is back in business! New Fly Rhopa Lifestyle videos will be uploaded every other Sunday. Our FR Life videos are to show you how we navigate life while healing, being intentional, & other Fly things, we love to do while connecting with the rest of the Fly Babes in the Kaleidoscope. Join us and share your own experience because one woman’s testimony is another woman’s roadmap.

That is all for our Fly News Update! Don’t forget to show yourself extra love today because WHY NOT! Hehe Check out those new nail designs & remember Stay Fly!

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