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Hi Fly Babes,


We have been MIA due to life happening and we just had to adjust, adapt, and carry on. But we are now back to where we left off and super excited to continue the work we started. That being said, here’s a quick rundown on all the newness Fly Rhopa will be having for the Kaleidoscope of Fly Babes!


            Let’s start with our FR Real Talks! This Instagram series was started with the intention of having tough and transparent conversations on topics that affect all of us if not most of us. We speak on self-love, healing, and just real life issues a lot of us deal with currently or at some point in our life. These tough conversations are meant to connect us with one another and create a safe space to ask questions but most importantly, provide hope and inspiration within our community. We plan on scheduling these talks bi-weekly and the playback will also be available for viewing at your leisure. Make sure to subscribe to our email list for updates on upcoming FR Real Talk topics and you can also follow us on IG to be notified when we are live! You won’t want to miss our upcoming topics and special guests, because it’s about to get REALLY REAL!


            Fly Rhopa Fridays!!! If you follow us on Facebook you might have caught one of our FRF live on Friday nights, where we have live showings of our products. Due to low views, we have decided to change it to Saturday night to improve our scheduling and cater to the demanding schedules of our Fly Babes. Fridays seemed to be too hectic for most of us and we really hope this makes it easier for our Fly Babes to tune in. We also wanted to incorporate a GRWM portion to this since we get a lot of makeup questions as well, let us know if that’s something you would like to see. To recap, Fly Rhopa Fridays will now be on Saturdays and maybe you can help us come up with a new name for it!


We will be starting a series on YouTube called “The Fly Rhopa Lifestyle”. We mention what this lifestyle means in terms of personal growth, healing, unlearning toxic habits, and learning to love ourselves again or for the first time ever. But this new series, you will see how that looks like in my (Elliyyyy) personal life, from my point of view and how I choose to show up for myself every day. Which will most likely NOT be glamorous but will definitely be real and honest. Hopefully in sharing my own personal journey I can inspire others to try out new things, remind them of their goals, and just strive for personal growth while doing it with love and not judgement or pressure.


That is all for now, but we have a lot more coming. Again, THANK YOU to all the Fly Babes who have been so supportive, and I can’t wait for all of you to see what Fly Rhopa was intended to be. I hope you all enjoy this new era of Fly Rhopa and don’t forget to follow us on ALL social media @Flyrhopa as well as subscribe to our email list, because there’s A LOT coming! Its time… We too have been on our own journey since we started in 2019, and now it’s time for us to come out of our cocoon and spread our wings. Stay tuned…

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