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During this FR Real Talk, we discuss how we can inspire ourselves. During your FR journey I’m sure you have discovered staying inspired is hard. Some days you don’t feel like doing the work but those are the days that matter the most because that’s when your discipline should push you to continue on. We shared with the kaleidoscope different ways you can inspire yourself and be proactive by preparing for the bad days.

The first method we shared was making mini vision boards. Making mini vision boards by using index cards and colored markers will make them more enjoyable to look at and easy to travel with. We recommend you make enough to put up in all the places you visit regularly. For example, your work area and your car!  The second method we shared was using the reminder app on your phone to REMIND you of the progress you’ve made or reassure you of those positive messages you need to focus on. Creating different folders for specific messages can help you stay organized and cater to the specific feeling you wish to have (we shared what’s inside our personal affirmations and realizations folders). Lastly, create playlists for the feelings/moods you wish to tap into. If you are an entrepreneur, make sure your playlist is full of “getting money” “started from the bottom now we’re here” type of songs. If you need to bring more joy and peace into your life, make sure your playlists reflect that. You need to pour into yourself from ALL avenues to keep you focused and inspired.

These are just a few ways to keep yourself inspired especially during the tough times. Plan ahead and create unique ideas to inspire yourself and keep you consistent in your FR Journey. Watch the replay of this episode on Instagram and join us for our biweekly FR Real Talks where we discuss tough topics in hopes of making these conversations less taboo and a safe space for all Fly Babes.

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