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This Real Talk was supposed to be a topic episode but last minute I was feeling really heavy & decided to open up in a *checking in* episode because that’s what it’s for! We talked about patterns, confronting difficult situations, as well as the effects of putting in the work. Overall, it became a little pep talk while being real about the troubles we face.

We emphasized how there is no one way to do things in your journey. There is no “right way” it’s all about trying things, learning new things, & PRACTICING! Your journey should lead you to healing, leveling up, and just being able to live your life on your own terms and in your own unique way. Bottom line is life is hard. But in you taking the time to put in the work and being intentional about how you live your life you will not only be surviving but thriving no matter the circumstances. We did mention how you can use Fly Rhopa products to help boost your mood & as a self-expression of your flyness and love for self. If you have been struggling in your journey & you find yourself exhausted and tired, just know that it will all be worth it. Take breaks, ask for help, but don’t quit! Taking the time to work on yourself is hard work to say the least but it’s truly the best gift you can ever give yourself. Becoming your own best friend in the process will be life changing forever.

Start your journey to self-healing and self-love, cheer for yourself along the way, practice bestie behavior, and live your life as your most authentic Fly self! Sending you much love! This episode was the pep talk I needed, and I hope it does the same for you. Watch the replay now on Instagram.

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