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Happy Fly Rhopa Wednesday! So, if you missed last week’s FR Real Talk, here’s the recap. New year means new self-care routines because it’s easy to fall back into old habits. Plus, we are always changing. Therefore, your wants, needs, & routines should change too. How else are you going to show up as the Fly Babe you are if not by growing into your wings? 

I mentioned how baths have been very beneficial to my life because it feels like a spa day. That, for me is a very important experience because I tend to overwork myself & wait for another day to do things I enjoy, like spa days. Taking a bath forces me (lovingly) to stop & make time to relax while also paying attention to myself. So, my baths, I see as a part of my self-care routine that I will choose to keep in this new year. But how do we reflect on ways to switch up our self-care routine? Find things that rejuvenate, relax, or bring you joy.

If you’ve realized that your “self-care routine” isn’t doing what it used to do for you or maybe it never really did much for you to begin with, then its time try something new. If you struggle with finding different ways to do self-care that are more than just spa days & meditation, we mentioned participating in our FR BFF Challenge. If you follow us on Instagram then you might be familiar with our FR BFF Challenge but essentially, it’s a self-love 2-month long boot camp that works through your thoughts & helps create a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. So, join us in our next FR BFF Challenge happening in March on Tiktok to be a part of that. You will be sure to find a new self-care routine that truly caters to your needs & tap into your inner BFF while doing it!

If you are interested in learning more about these types of topics & participating in our discussions, follow @Flyrhopa on Instagram & join us for our bi-weekly chats as we open up about real topics that matter to us. Stay Fly.

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