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This episode was a continuation of a previous FR Real Talk, “being uncomfortable”. How can being uncomfortable on purpose help us? Well, we can learn our lessons quicker and probably save ourselves some heartache. We spoke on brainstorming our root problems and how we can tackle the root in order for us to learn our lessons for the betterment of our life. 

Life is like a big test; it can be harsh like that. Do you want to keep guessing an answer over and over until you get it right or do you rather study the subject to get a better understanding and being confident in your answer on test day? Well, that’s something you have to choose for yourself. But, if you are a part of the kaleidoscope, I am sure you are already studying. We discussed how to brainstorm for your root problem in order to understand how to overcome it. Do you keep falling for the same kind of men and they are no good for you? There’s a lesson to be learned. Do you keep carrying around something in your heart that you truly and wholeheartedly want to let go but for some reason doesn’t leave? I did, because there was a lesson to be learned. I also mentioned in this live that, maybe this message isn’t even for you. But maybe you know who might need to hear these words.

This live was 45 minutes of pure “you can do this”. It was reassurance from one Fly Babe to another, that no matter what you are facing in your life “I know you will overcome it” because you BEING here [in the Kaleidoscope] MEANS you are not quitting! It means you are dedicated to yourself! It means YOU WILL face those problems, learn the lessons, and literally live the life of your dreams. You got this Fly Babe, sending you much love. Go check out this live, the replay is available now on Instagram @flyrhopa. It was a good one.

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