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This week we did something different, we did a GRWM type of live. We did this because the lil’ things matter, like getting ready. Not because we have to, or we look “sickly” without makeup but because it makes us feel good. Getting ready is us expressing ourselves and looking the way we love looking! You are getting ready to face the day, the world, your job as your most authentic self. We spoke about many different ways of self-expression that we use when getting ready and how we can be more intentional with them.

First, we talked makeup. How makeup doesn’t mean hiding ourselves or doing it for others but enhancing ourselves and feeling happy in our skin. We express OUR version of what beauty is when getting ready, and that should be regardless of what is trending or the opinions of others. We also went into detail of our own makeup routine and some of the Fly Rhopa products that make our look possible. Secondly, we talked jewelry! Our jewelry is a way we adorn ourselves; you don’t have to be into anything flashy but special pieces can be a staple to your look.  Third on the list, wardrobe. Most of us wear our clothes as shields instead of self-expression and we challenged you to think outside the box and try new things you’ve always wanted to try. Lastly, music! This is something we mentioned before if you are a music lover or not, incorporating music into your life can help set the mood or intention for what you want to feel. Create playlist for the different moods you want to be in if that’s inspired, focused, or relaxed.

Join us on Instagram on our scheduled Wednesdays to be a part of these talks. These FR Real Talk episodes are intended to be a safe space to have real and transparent discussions on topics that need more attention or are taboo to talk about. If you want to see how you can make small changes in your life that can positively impact your own journey, tune into this episode “The Lil’ Things Matter” the replay is now available on Instagram @flyrhopa.

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