FR Real Talk Recap| Being Uncomfortable

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For this episode of FR Real Talk we discuss “Being Uncomfortable”. We open up about our own experiences and how we have been purposely uncomfortable to practice overcoming being uncomfortable. Turning this trigger into a superpower.

We share how being uncomfortable is the root trigger for a lot of our problems. As well as how that can trigger more than just an emotional response but physical. One way we mentioned you can combat this uncomfortable feeling is journaling. If that is opening up to yourself and facing your hard truths or using it as a tool to help you understand why you feel how you feel. Not only that but how practicing being uncomfortable can be rewarding. We have all heard the saying “step outside of your comfort zone”. Not only that but another saying “I survived 100% of my bad days” comes to mind when talking about facing uncomfortable situations. We went into detail as to why practicing being uncomfortable is beneficial but also that we are not alone. Most of us have been on our healing journey alone for many reasons but it does not have to be that way.

Overall, here at the kaleidoscope we share our experiences to help out another Fly Babe on her own journey, tackling her own triggers. Join in on these tough conversations with us on Wednesdays during our scheduled FR Real Talk on Instagram @flyrhopa.

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