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We started the live off by doing our nails LIVE in under 10 minutes! Because wearing Fly Nails is part of OUR personal Fly Rhopa lifestyle. Then we went into detail of what exactly “The Fly Rhopa Lifestyle” is.

While we quickly applied our nails on camera, we break down the different methods you can apply your press-on nails. No matter the technique, using press-on’s from Fly Rhopa is a great way to incorporate self- love into your Fly Rhopa Lifestyle. Ultimately it means you being committed to the betterment of yourself in any areas you feel need improvement. Some key points we shared as references in which you can use to guide yourself in your own journey are:

  • Make a promise to YOURSELF and staying committed to it.
  • Give yourself grace and TRY AGAIN!
  • BE CONSISTENT and try again. PRACTICE what you WANT TO BE.
  • Enjoy the journey and CELEBRATE your PROGRESS.
  • LOOK FOR HELP! Seek professionals or seek mentors.
  • PUSH yourself on the bad days. THOSE MATTER THE MOST!
  • BE FLY! Whatever that means to you, do THAT!

Using these suggestions as guides can help open up your mind as to how you would want YOUR own Fly Rhopa Lifestyle to look like. It can include all of these, some of these, or none of these but creating a plan that is ALL about your self-improvement can really help keep you on your path and focused on your end goal. At the closing of our live we shared some songs and the feeling we get from those songs as a way to introduce playlists as a form of self-love and a tool to help us get in the right mindset.

If you have not been keeping up with our FR Real Talks that is fine, but I highly recommend you check this one out for yourself. If you have started your FR Lifestyle or not this is a great guide to get you brainstorming and try out something new. Stay until the end because we recommend some great songs for you to add to your special playlists for all your moods. Watch the replay @Flyrhopa on Instagram.

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