Gettin real is scary! But its healing...

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Hey Fly Babes!

If you follow Fly Rhopa on IG then you know what I'm talking about... I recently started a series called "FR REAL TALK".  This series is suppose to be able to connect all the Fly Babes so we can talk about real life topics. Some of the topics may be hard to talk about but the purpose is to break through the scary and uncomfortable parts so we can get to the healing and understanding! But, not all topics will be so heavy.

Our first topic was "Do you feel loved" the purpose of that topic was to open up the conversation on what makes us feel loved. What do we see as being loved, and also realizing that being loved means loving ourselves too. This topic broke the ice so we could jump into another topic that impacts how we feel about love, mental health. 

We had a special guest (@legendaryempowerment) join the conversation on mental health with us and she was able to share her take on it. We all have different journeys with it, but speaking up will go to show that we ARE NOT ALONE. Personally, Bree & I shared similar symptoms even though our conditions are different. We also had different approaches to treat our conditions. 

One of the most important thing I took away from this and others mentioned it as well was this.  While opening up can be scary... It's necessary.  Not only that, but it is appreciated! So, I encourage you to participate in our stories so we can connect more.

Thank you for being a part of the Kaleidoscope (FR Community)

Much Love,


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