FR Real Talk Recap| Putting Ourselves First w/ Special Guest: Its Lovely B

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Our real talks are BACK! We had our first FR Real Talk last week with the topic being “Putting Ourselves First” and we had a very special guest join in on this! Success Coach, Its Lovely B has personal experience with putting herself first in order to succeed and she now makes a living out of it by helping others do the same. We discussed how we tend to be there for others a lot more often than we actually show up for ourselves. She breaks it down to a couple of questions we can ask ourselves to figure out how we can start putting ourselves first. Its Lovely B, starts by bringing up the question, “Do I love myself?” I think the answer seems simple to all of us, yes. The follow up question to that was “if a person loves themselves, would they want to put themselves first?” this is where we can start to see the realness come out. The answer once again seems simple, yes. Then why is it we struggle with putting ourselves first? She continues with saying “What does it look like if I were to put myself first?”. Now this question is going to be the layout of what you need to do in order to prioritize your needs.


We also touch on people pleasing, boundaries, and discipline. That’s a trifecta of struggles right there! But she is a success coach for a reason, she’s lived it, she’s struggled with these same issues, and overcame them. She mentioned on our live she hit rock bottom 4 times, but those rock bottom moments are what she described as the moment that led to her success because it brought on a DETERMINATION like never before. She kept it all the way real in response to me mentioning how I myself am working on getting over my people pleasing ways and being on a roller coaster when it comes to putting myself first. She said, “your breakthrough hasn’t happened yet, you’ve been doing the bare minimum to try to change then you go back to comfortable”. Girl! I felt that, and not only did she lay it out straight for me, but she did it with love. I cannot express how much I love her approach and how easy she makes tackling these tough topics!


There were so many gems in this 30 minute live, I couldn’t ask for a better guest speaker and topic to introduce back our FR Real Talk. I highly suggest you check out this episode if you are struggling with putting yourself first. Not only that, but if you have ever felt you needed some guidance in your healing journey or your self-love journey, I am sure you will find something for you in that live. You can watch the playback now on Instagram @Flyrhopa and give @itslovelyb a follow as well, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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