FR Real Talk Recap| A Holistic Approach to Healing w/ Karen Moreno Scott

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On this most recent FR Real Talk we spoke on what a holistic approach to healing is and how that looks like in our lives. Author, life coach, and reiki practitioner, Karen Moreno Scott explains how in the simplest terms, it means healing “the whole” rather than addressing just the symptoms. Therefore, when we are on our healing journey we are not only thinking about traditional western medicine and therapy, but the other forms of medicine and healing that we can find within our community.

 We elaborate on the services she offers that we can incorporate into our approach to holistic healing.  Starting off with her life coach sessions, which she described as “connecting dots”. Her life coach sessions are something I can vouch for as I personally have been able to benefit a lot from this service. She mentions how a trained professional can read your body language, recognizes cues, and is able to mirror back feelings that we might not even realize were there. Thus, helping us connect the dots in our life. Another service she provides is reiki, which can help us spiritually. With us exchanging positive and negative energy on the daily through interactions, food, and the world around us it can start to build up. Reiki is an amazing way to find balance as well as releasing negative energy. Similarly, to cleansing our bodies of toxins.

I spoke on my experience after starting her life coach sessions and how groundbreaking it was for me to be able to connect with someone who could understand my culture. When we start this healing journey a lot of us have walls up and do not know HOW to express what we are feeling. In the latinx community and other cultures as well, it seems we have an unspoken rule of “Don’t complain” or “we don’t do tell people our business” type of mentality that makes it hard to even open up to receiving help and/or even seeking help. With those roadblocks imbedded in our culture, having a life coach like Karen Moreno Scott that is not only good at what she does but understands our way of life can be crucial for our breakthroughs. She also shares with us how she ended up in this holistic way of life without really planning on it, but it grew into something she loves and now she offers her services to the world.

The overall message we shared was how addressing our symptoms is a lifelong journey because it’s not just about the symptoms but the overall healing of the person. Holistic healing does not mean getting rid of western medicine but how you can tackle whatever issues you might have, mind, body, and soul with ALL the resources available. You can watch the playback now on Instagram @Flyrhopa and give @karenmorenoscott a follow as well if you are ready to expand your healing to a more holistic approach.

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