FR Real Talk Recap: Finding Balance, Mom Life and Me w/ Special Guest Maritza, Oner of Body by KeKe

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On this latest episode of FR Real Talk, we spoke on finding balance as a mom and woman. We had special guest Maritza, owner of Body by KeKe a bath and body works brand whose mission is to help you connect with your body through self-care and self-love.

Motherhood being such a great responsibility and a full-time job, we often put ourselves on the back burner. Which often leads to resentment, sadness, burn-out, and the list goes on and on honestly. But as Maritza pointed out, even when we have a supportive partner that encourages us to go out of the house for some me time, it can be difficult. We don’t know what to do with our free time. We might not have the same interests as we used to and then comes the mom guilt! So, motherhood definitely complicates things in more ways than we can imagine, so how do we find the balance in this new way of life? Maritza, gives it to us straight. We are “unlocking hidden gifts” and “finding harmony between momhood and womanhood”.

The overall message, I’ll give it to you now because mom life means not having much time to read.  Finding yourself is the key to finding balance between mom life and your own needs.  That means, returning to old hobbies or interest and testing the waters to see if it’s something you still enjoy doing. If you have tried this out already and realized you no longer enjoy doing those things, here comes step two. Try out new things! Rediscover yourself by just going out there and seeing what grabs your interest. Maritza shares how she traveled alone for the first time EVER! But as a mom how do you find the time to try out new things? Communication! Sometimes we don’t even know what we need so how we do expect anyone else to know. So that means communicate with yourself and your support system. Maritza explains her life hack for this situation. She plans what the perfect date would look like, and then she does that FOR HERSELF! For me personally, I’m a creature of habit. I enjoy my time with water, nails, and silence! That for me means a looong relaxing bath or shower, a fancy pedicure with the works, or relaxing in bed alone catching up on my shows.

We share many different ways to rediscover our needs and how to love the woman that we still are because motherhood didn’t change that, we just put it on the back burner. As moms we take our responsibility very seriously and its always “my babies come first” but when you are honoring your needs you are setting the example for your kids as well. Showing them that its ok to put yourself first, its ok to have me time, and its important to do so for our health. So, if you struggle with finding balance between mom life and the woman you are, go ahead and check out our latest episode of FR Real Talk: Finding Balance, mom life and me available now on Instagram.



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