FR Real Talk Recap| *Checking In*

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This most recent FR Real Talk was our first “Checking In” Episode. We didn’t have anyone share on this live, but ultimately our “Checking In” episodes will be a day with our community (The Kaleidoscope). A day where we share with each other in order to vent, seek advice, or receive positive reinforcement. We summarized our last 3 episodes in case anyone missed it and we spoke about how it’s all connected and as well as ways we can incorporate it in our own healing journey. We will be doing these community check ins monthly as a friend should, because we are in this together Fly Babes.

Ones woman’s testimony is another woman’s roadmap to success, and we intend on passing on whatever wisdom we may have acquired from our own unique experiences so that we can help one another. With time we hope you too can share and find what you seek from other Fly Babes willing to help during our “Checking In” episodes. You can now watch the replay on Instagram @Flyrhopa and if you have anything to share, feel free to comment on the video or share down below.

 -Stay Fly

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